About The ORG Institute

The ORG Genealogical Institute is an Icelandic endeavour specializing in finding and collecting all available genealogical materials, family lineages and all references applying to the genealogical heritage of the Icelandic people, plus the parental history of the people who immigrated to the New World (i.e. Canada, the USA and Brazil).
The ORG Institute has facilitated individual researchers in their work for a token fee. Researchers receive a research packet with several thousand names of their ancestors to work with from our data bases which are constantly being updated. We use PC type computers and a genealogical program called Espolin Lately The ORG has entered into fruitful cooperation with various Academic Institutions and Libraries.

This cooperation has already proved to be mutually beneficial. A new feature in the activities of the Institute is the launching of genealogical and historical societies locally and abroad, aiming at discovering and researching further genealogical and historical materials. The first such society is already functioning in Switzerland.

The director and owner of the ORG genealogical society is Oddur Helgason, genealogist and former fisherman.